Saturday, 31 December 2011

Thought for the new year.

*** Exactly*** 15 years ago (31 Dec. 1996, in the evening), I took this image of Messier 27 with my glorious 15cm telescope and a old ST7 CCD camera.

Months later, this image revealed to me the presence of a new variable star, marked on the picture. It was my very first astronomical discovery. I've learned from this that every moment can be *the very one* for something good happening.

With this piece of personal history, I wanted to wish you a nice 2012, with the hope that every day/night of the new year will bring to you Joy, Health, Faith and plenty of good things, especially those you really need, but also inspiration for helping to make special the days of those living in less than ideal conditions.

After all, it is not the good the "good" itself, but the use you will do of it.

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